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Precision AMF Filters First 8 Years a Complete Success

By November 4th, 2022No Comments

Sometimes you know you need to find a better way. Back in 2015, CES and our customers were getting tired of mediocre, difficult to service filters for smaller pool and spa applications. The existing 30”- 48” vertical filters lacked, in our joint experiences, the proper performance and serviceability. The water quality was not up to par, and the media had to be changed out every few years. That was just not acceptable. 

So we went looking for a ready-made solution.  There was none, so we had to provide our own. We gave birth to the Precision AMF filter line
What were we looking for?
Better Hydraulics: Existing sand filters had a small amount of lower laterals, and too few upper diffusers. Since water quality and media longevity is directly related to how freely the pool water flows through the filter, we doubled the number of laterals and diffusers to make the best performing tank anywhere. It also dropped the amount of power the pump had to use, so we got some great energy savings as well. 
Better Backwash: Typical backwash hydraulics were horrible, and as a result solids were being retained in the filter bottom, polluting the filter media and causing a huge drain on the pool’s ORP, thus causing elevated chemical consumption. The improved hydraulics, including an exclusive slotted hub backwashes vibrantly, removing solids from the tank bottom and avoiding short and long term issues. 
Deeper Sand Bed: According to the leading US filter research engineers, water quality in a filter is directly proportional to the depth of the sand bed. The existing filters had shallow beds that weren’t able to capture as many particles as desired, especially at higher flow rates. With some engenuity and forward thinking, our 36” production AMF filter has a staggering 20” sand bed, which has contributed to the water quality performance. 
More Filter Area: Most 36” production filters have only 7.1 ft.² of filter area. By comparison, the 36 in.² AMF has 7.69 ft.² of filter area, a great 10% increase within the same footprint. More filter area means fewer filters and bigger savings. 
Bigger Manifolds: Many existing filters were utilizing a 2 ” backwash valve on the 36″ filter model, which provided poor filter and backwash hydraulics, while increasing the demands on the circulating pump. It also exceeds best practice velocities in the backwash valve piping. We were able to design the 36″ AMF filter with a 2.5″ backwash manifold that had improved hydraulics, lower horsepower requirements, and better backwashing, all at a fraction of the cost of having to move up to a 3” valve. The 2.5” piping is also carried out throughout the entire filter, not just the connection point.
Better Filter Media: At the same time, we went looking for a better drinking water quality media, that was backed by more research. We found the AFM® Activated Glass Filter Media which provides sub-micron filtration with half the backwash water. But, could we really make it any more confusing?… put AFM® in your AMF? Sorry about that! But the combination has been a real winner, providing a permanent media solution to small production-type filters.  
More Options: Sometimes the room size is not optimum and it is nice to have options in the “same family” of filters. The AMF filters come in 24” 30” 36” 42” and 48” sizes, with many options for piping configuration in each size. 

All in all, customers have been ecstatic with the AMF filter line, and we love it when customers are happy. They’re also happy because the AMF filters are very price competitive, and are normally in stock, so you don’t need to wait for months to start enjoying better water quality. 
Please join us in celebrating 8 years of solid performance from our Precision AMF filtration line, and contact your CES rep to see if the AMF with AFM® might provide a great solution to your small pool filtration needs.