Aquafinity operates Global Pool Management (GPM), the largest, real-time, open architecture pool monitoring center in the aquatic industry. Customers can monitor and control their facilities across town or around the globe securely from their PC, tablet, or smartphone.

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Swim Confidently with Pool Monitoring

24/7 Record-Keeping

Every 6 seconds, our system takes a snapshot of monitored pool parameters and places those readings in permanent logs to help assure Department of Health (DOH) compliance and provide liability avoidance.

Escalating Alert Notification

Robust alert notification programs are custom-configured site-by-site, and alerts escalate until issues are resolved. Our team alerts all interested parties via text or email of any issues that could cause a costly complaint, waste natural resources, elevate costs, or evolve into an operational or liability issue.

Remote Diagnostics and Online Support

Monitoring centers are staffed by technicians with decades of technical pool experience to help customers evaluate data and provide online support quickly and effectively. Our remote diagnostics include a full operational review of all settings, interactive readings, feed events, instantaneous troubleshooting, and issue resolution.

Versatile Monitoring Capabilities

Unlike others in the industry, Aquafinity’s pool monitoring data offers an extensive list of features. Some of these include:

  • ORP and pH
  • Direct-reading chlorine PPM
  • Total and combined chlorine
  • Temperature
  • Total alkalinity
  • Filter pressures
  • Filter or heater flow
  • Filter and strainer soiling
  • Digital water level and water consumption
  • Power consumption
  • Pump total dynamic head (TDH)
  • Chemical feeder malfunction
  • Chemical test kit direct readings
  • Water balance indexes and more

“Our pool is critical to our patrons, and the Aquafinity monitoring and alert notification system have helped us countless times in the past. We now know about any potential issues WELL before they become a real problem, and we can resolve them immediately. Aquafinity has been a real lifesaver, and we recommend them for pool operations of any size.”

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