Aquafinity’s years of field experience have proven that a scheduled preventative maintenance plan is essential to enjoying long equipment life and reliable operation. Scheduled maintenance helps your facility avoid equipment issues and prevents costly downtime and expensive repairs.

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Swim Stress-Free with Scheduled Maintenance

Aquafinity provides a wide range of factory-certified maintenance programs that are combined and tailored to the equipment package in each facility. We deliver custom, long-term solutions while maintaining all factory warranties.

Heater Maintenance & Service

Pool and spa heating systems are vital to facility operations and key to providing a positive guest experience. With Aquafinity programs, heaters are kept in optimal operating condition.

UV & Ozone Treatment Systems

When properly maintained, ultraviolet and Ozone treatment systems can provide excellent disease control and chemical savings. These highly technical systems thrive on skilled scheduled maintenance to continue operating per factory standards.

Saline Chlorinators

Saline chlorinators have a track record of producing thousands of pounds of chlorine year after year, saving thousands of dollars annually. Scheduled maintenance can monitor cell cleanliness and water quality parameters, assuring maximum life from the system.

“We needed to heat our swim club pool for our patrons, and years ago, we lost our heater prematurely because someone had changed a setting on the piping. Never again. We reached out to Aquafinity for our current heater, which has lasted us many years. The annual check-ups and maintenance from Aquafinity are far less expensive than an unplanned replacement.”

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