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DSBM™ Feature Turns 25-Years Old. Could it work for you?

By November 14th, 2022No Comments

25 years ago we developed a special program in ALL of our control systems that changed the way treatment systems are handled. It is in every CES controller including the one on your site, but may not be being used. Should it? Dual Setpoint Booster Mode (DSBM™) is a unique program that seamlessly switches back and forth between a primary feeder, and a back-up or redundant feeder.

What are some of the applications? The most common one is on saline systems, where the saline chlorinator can be placed on a primary role to hold the required ORP in the pool, but will switch to a redundant feeder if the bather load exceeds the capacity of the system. This assures that the pool NEVER drops below the DOH-required 700 mV ORP requirement, or that the chlorine never goes low. Other good applications include having a chlorine or bromine feeder backing up an ozone or UV system to make the pool as “non-chlorine” as possible while still adhering to the DOH requirements. Others have even used DSBM™ to have a redundant bleach feeder kick in whenever the bathing load gets too crazy for their normal feeder. All this is done to avoid issues and to provide better compliance with DOH codes.

But DSBM™ is just one of the many features that can be used to help you save time and money, or reduce liability. In any event, maybe it’s time to take a quick look at your CES control system to see if you are taking advantage of all the available features. Maybe a quick “chip change,” simple programming, or addition of a communication device or sensor can open up a whole new world of benefits.

Contact your CES rep to get more information or to schedule a quick site review to see if DSBM™ or other features can help you improve your operations.