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New Pulsar30 Feeder Brings Great Technology to Smaller Pools

By October 21st, 2022No Comments

We have been using Pulsar feeders for over 25 years, and have witnessed a huge evolution of tablet-feeding technologies. Nothing quite compares to the pool water quality of a “Pulsar pool”, and the “All in One” formulation makes perfect water balance a breeze, protecting heaters, pools finishes, etc. without having to add a boatload of other chemicals. But getting the right feeder to fit that formulation was absolutely critical, and took a while.

The original Pulsar feeder used a “high-tide, low tide” technology that doused the tablets, and fed that into the pool. That worked pretty well, but normally fed chlorine before the filter. This was not optimum. 

To continue to improve, the factory turned to spray technology, where the feeder would spray the underneath of the tablet screen, and chlorinated water would fall down into the lower chamber, and get sucked into the pool with a venturi – downstream of all filters, heaters, etc. This was a great improvement in equipment care, but the spray technology required more cleaning… sometimes a lot more cleaning. The earlier models really stunk, and the newer models worked better and better, but still not good enough for us.

Then a few years ago, Pulsar announced a totally new feed technology – High Capacity Erosion (or HCE), which combines the simplicity of the original feeder, but feeds the chemical downstream of all equipment. This is the BEST of both worlds. These are awesome, and folks have gone for 3-6 months or more before having to simply hose them down. 

The original HCE feeder, the Pulsar Precision, handled up to a million gallon pool per DOH code, and works great, but we were looking for something to handle smaller pools with the same bulletproof design. We are proud to announce the Precision30 feeder. It is a compact HCE model that will handle a 100,000+ gallon pool, and has been field tested by CES staff and customers for over a year.

The Precision30 is a direct replacement for the Infinity Feeder, Pulsar 1, Pulsar 45, and works with the same booster pump and venturi set up us as the earlier Pulsar feeders. It is also the FRACTION of the price of a Precision feeder, making it even more attractive. 

Contact your CES rep for more information on the Pulsar Precision30, and find out if easier and cleaner is better for you.