Q5® Water

Created in 2004, the Q5 Water Quality Standard provides aquatic facility owners with a simple, visual representation of their facility’s quality and operation. The Q5 program starts with daily, weekly, and monthly guidelines for aquatic facilities wanting to comply with state health codes while providing safe and enticing water for patrons.

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The Q5 Standard Sets the Bar Higher

The Q5 Water Quality Standard is higher than local, state, or national pool codes. The Q5 program addresses items such as:

  • Water balance
  • Maintenance
  • Redundancy
  • Sustainability
  • Checks and balances
  • Compliance with ADA
  • Other facility requirements

Model Aquatic Health Code Certified

The Q5 Water Quality Standard is used in leading resort, commercial, and professional pools and has been for decades. Aquafinity is consistently upgrading the program to stay on par with best practices in aquatic facilities. This led to getting the Q5 program certified by the Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code (CMAHC) in 2020.

Q5: The Ultimate Comprehensive Program

The Q5 Water Quality Standard promotes a combination of chemical treatment, control hardware, software, training, service, support, real-time remote monitoring, control, and communications for the aquatic facilities served by Aquafinity.

Tailored and Prescriptive for Success

Q5 is prescriptive, providing owners and operators with a roadmap to improve their aquatic facilities and pool operations. Owners can refine and enhance their operations by applying new techniques and technologies immediately or over time and plan their advancements using Aquafinity’s objective rating system.

“By themselves, each of the components of the Q5® Water Quality process is valuable, but when bound together in one cohesive program, they have been a significant part of our Aquatic Program.”

Kenneth WiseDirector of Facilities Management, The Breakers at Palm Beach

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