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Celebrate 2023 – Clean Your Pool Robotically For Under $170/Month

By February 24th, 2023No Comments

9 years and tens of millions of vacuum-miles ago, CES introduced the Enduro robotic cleaners to the US market. These robust, site-repaired cleaners had over a 33-year track record for reliability in many thousands of applications around the world. Then the little brother, the Peps, was introduced over 5-years ago to help handle the mid-size pools. The Peps uses a completely different suction and propulsion system, but similar navigation, and can work in pools and water features as shallow as 4”.

We are now proud to celebrate the two year anniversary of the newest solution for reliable pool cleaners, the Spot. Perfect for smaller Condo, Hotel, and Apartment Pools up to 60’ in length. This vacuum included two models, the Spot 100 or the revolutionary Spot 150 – the leading battery powered robotic vacuum. To properly celebrate, through March 7th, we’re offering a special deal of 10% off the internet price of the Spot 150.  Please use the discount code Spot150Celebration.

But, what is the big deal about the Spot? First of all, the Spot doesn’t look anything like the Enduro, or the Peps, and actually looks more like some of the hundreds of cheap “throw away” robotic vacuums on the internet today… But, it is a totally different animal. 

With a carbon fiber shell, sturdy cart, 100’ cable (only 15’ long for the battery powered Spot 150), gyroscope, remote control, infrared sensor, and the exclusive Aqua Positioning Technology (APT) programming, it follows the Enduro pedigree for durability, versatility, and performance. It doesn’t roam around the pool aimlessly. It knows where it is at all times, where it’s been, and where it needs to go. The Bag-Full sensor lets you know when it’s time to clean.

It also has an anti-twist cable, two types of cleaning bags (5 and 100-micron screen), Bluetooth for diagnosis and maintenance, a mobile app, and see-through motor housing, etc. It has “Best in Class” features not found in similar cleaners, and gives you a great long-term bang for the buck.

The Spot 150’s battery-powered solution is awesome. It provides enough power to more than handle a 30 x 60 pool.  Not having to deal with a long cable is a game changer. 

Both models are really light (only 20-lbs), compact, and easy to service.

Please join us in celebrating the two year anniversary of the Spot joining the Enduro family of cleaners, and enjoy the discount. We are also taking appointments for demos, so that you can experience the benefits of Robotic Cleaning – and of automated secondary filtration to keep the biofilms off of your pool bottom.

See how these revolutionary cleaners can provide a solution for your pool cleaning chores.