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Village of Wellington Updates Filters for 2nd time in 40 Years

By March 10th, 2023No Comments

We first met the Kathy Specker at the Village of Wellington, when we worked together to update their chemistry control back in 1984. It was a different world back then in many ways. Pool-wise, most large pools were on “Gas” chlorine, an effective chlorinator, but dangerous enough to only be used in municipal water plants now… if at all. The 50-meter pool was wildly popular and we recall the place being slammed with hard core swim team enthusiasts and screaming kids alike. Job one was to take direct control of their chemistry with a control system that weighed as much as many of the younger patrons. Back then, pools were closed on Mondays for a day long super-chlorination, and a well deserved day of rest for the staff. The pool operated flawlessly. 

A few years later, it was time to update the original filter systems and CES worked cohesively with their engineering team to install a bank of (6) Semi-automatic Kenloch filters with silica sand media. To say that those worked pretty well would be an under statement, as they carried the busy pool through over two decades of activity and several pool makeovers, lasting 24 years to be exact. 

Now fast forward to 2022-23, where it was finally time to retire the Kenlochs for the next generation of granular media filtration. Sure the filters were still working, even though Kenloch closed their doors decades ago, but it was time. 

Working with CES staff, Theo Etter and Coy Davies, along with Eric Juckett and Village Manager Jim Barnes spearheaded the modernization of the filters to (3) larger Poltank horizontal filters that utilized EKO3 top mounted fully automated backwash valves this time. The filter controller senses when they have reached the 10-lb differential and completes a full backwash without operator involvement. The new system also utilized AFM® activated glass media instead of silica sand. AFM® is an interesting story in an of itself… as it is made from recycled brown and green glass, giving us beer drinkers a renewed purpose in life. The glass is converted by literally recycling garbage to become pristine, pure filter media in fully-automated solar powered plants in Scotland and Switzerland, and has received rave reviews from the testing agencies, and customers alike. AFM® media is given an exclusive permanent activated charge, which prevents filter fouling, cuts backwash time, and means that the media will last the life of the filters. 

The Village invested in AFM® in order to provide their patrons with certified drinking water quality, down to a sub-micron level in laboratory testing. The Village is also going to be saving over 50% of their water used in the pool, thus tying into the Village’s green initiatives. The Village has announced plans to build an entirely new aquatic facility and to move the existing system there when the time is right. 

The chemistry control systems on the other hand had been modernized on several occasions as new advances in remote control and communications were released. They currently utilize the BECSys7 which controls the pumping system, water level, heater, chemistry control and backwashes the filter all in one. 

Please join us in congratulating the Village of Wellington for 4 decades of fun and swimmer development out of the same location, and for always putting their patrons as #1.

Please contact your CES rep for more information on Village of Wellington’s terrific game plan, or any products or services that have contributed to their success.