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CES team – 631 years of industry experience, 180+ factory certifications

By July 25th, 2019No Comments

A customer sent us a real nice thank-you note after our service tech was able to sort out multiple issues on their pool system that included Chemstry Controls, Ozone, Water Testing, VFD’s, and Heating… all in one service call. 

They commented on the amount of knowledge, but more importantly the wide range of knowledge that the Tech had, and asked us what type of training we did with our team. That got us thinking, which is sometimes bad… and we started to add up not only the training but the industry experience our team has…

Here are some quick (fun) facts…..

  • The CES team has over 631 years of pool industry experience.
  • The average experience is 15.3 years per employee
  • The longest tenured employee has 36+ years with CES
  • The  most experienced employee has 45.1 year of industry experience (and he doesn’t even qualify for Medicare yet)
  • Technicians are factory-certified in EVERY technology we represent
  • Technicians have over 180 factory certifications alone,
  • Every single CES employee is AFO-Certified
  • CES is the largest single AFO certification center in the history of AFO
  • We offer many other classes approved for continuing education 
  • Experience is an invaluable asset when you’re taking care of the most demanding pool water in the industry, and every bit of help is welcomed. As you can tell, we like education, and with technology moving so quickly, it’s a good thing we do. Without constant training, we would not be able to keep up with all the exciting new technologies, no less stay at the cutting edge of them. 

Thanks for your loyal business over the past 36+ years, and we look forward to working hard to keep you in safe, affordable, crystal clear, and irritant-free pool and spa water…

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