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CES Glass media provides drinking water filtration, saves water by 50%

By July 18th, 2019No Comments

CES has been providing certified drinking water-grade filtration systems since the early 1990’s on some South Florida pools, and we haven’t forgotten how to do it… but it just became simple, more affordable, and easier to install and maintain. Effective today, CES is proud to introduce new technologies based on specially-treated and manufactured recycled glass. Yes, glass!

This special glass media goes through a stringent manufacturing process transforming it from last year’s beer bottle to today’s state-of-the-art activated glass water filtration media. The particle size and shape are meticulously specified and manufactured, and then the surface is activated using a special process to attract small particles electronically for even finer single pass filtration. So the production process is complex, but the installation and use part is insanely simple.

When installed into existing or new CES filters, this glass media provides several advantages:

  • Expected to last for the life of the filter system
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Cuts the water consumption by 50% per field studies
  • Can double the performance of existing sand media, or 100-times better at removing sub-5 micron particles (that’s clear water!)
  • Can be upgraded to single pass drinking water standards using CES control technologies
  • Has required NSF™ standard 50 approval for swimming pools, and standard 61 for drinking water systems.

Next week we will go into more detail on the technical aspects, but wanted to get you thinking about yesterday’s beer becoming tomorrow’s crystal clear pool water.

Contact your CES rep for more information on this great new opportunity to save money and water while your water shines and sparkles.

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