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Six Years and Millions of Pounds Later – Customers Agree AFM® Glass Media Saves Time, Water, Money, and the Water Looks Great.

By May 10th, 2024No Comments

We know that AFM® is awesome and works great in providing drinking water quality pool water while saving 50% of backwash water. 

How do we know? You’ve told us so. In almost every single installation, the owners, operators, and patrons of these pools have remarked how good the water looks and feels. 

What they don’t see is that AFM® is also rated to last the life of the filter… so you won’t need to go through the disruption and expensive mess associated with changing your sand media every 3-5 years, sometimes costing tens of thousands of dollar to complete. We owe this all to the incredible solar-powered manufacturing facility that converts recycled brown and green glass bottles into the most advanced, electronically activated filter media in the industry. 

We are now celebrating a milestone with over 2-million pounds of AFM® media installed in Florida alone, and even more in our operations in California, Arizona, and other parts of the US.

Since the introduction of AFM® Next Generation or NG media, pool water filtration has reached another level. IFTS industry research shows that AFM® NG now filters down to a sub-micron (less than 1-micron) level… making all other traditional granular and glass medias virtually obsolete. Combine that with ease of installation, ease of use, the self-sterilizing surface which is resistant to bacterial growth, the longevity, and all the water savings… and you have a can’t-miss modernization that will instantly improve the water quality of any pool and spa. AFM® is a health code-accepted media in all sizes and brands of granular media (sand) filters, meaning that you won’t need to seek a letter from each manufacturer approving its use before you convert. 

Many feel that AFM® makes other filter types like DE, Perlite, cartridge, etc. seem to be only partial solutions, as cartridge, DE and Perlite save some water but are very labor intensive, require new media continually added, and clog up the landfill. 

AFM® is affordable and readily available at all CES locations. Our team is ready to help you convert your pool filtration to drinking water specifications quickly and easily. 

Please contact us for more information on AFM® NG, and let us know if we can assist in any way.

At this rate, we all might need everyone to drink a few more bottles of beer.