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Enduro Pool Cleaner Selected to Clean the 2024 Olympic Pool in Paris! Third Olympics in Recent Years!

By April 16th, 2024No Comments

We are proud to announce that the twin brother of our Enduro XL vacuum was selected to clean the 2024 Olympic Pool in Paris.

This is not a new development, as the Enduro line performed flawlessly during the Olympic games in London and Rio, as well as the recent World Championships in Fukuoka and Doha, so it was an obvious choice for the 2024 Olympic venue. 

I case you’re not aware, CES / Aquafinity has been the exclusive US Master Distributor and Factory Service Center for the Enduro line for over 9 years. What makes them special? Quite a bit. 

The Enduro Turbo-Cleanvacuum is one of 3 Enduro lines supplied and supported by our nationwide service team. The M and XL-series Enduros are the first and only robotic vacuums that are completely site maintained, for both routine maintenance and repairs.

Why is that important? If you haven’t experienced it firsthand, many robotic vacuums have (rightfully) gained the reputation of being troublesome. While that is a problem in and of itself, the issue gets compounded by the fact that you normally need to return the vacuum to the service center for repairs and maintenance. This typically means the expense of boxing it up, shipping it out, waiting weeks or months to get it fixed, and then shipping it back and reconfiguring it to the pool. You need to have a manual vacuum on hand to handle the vacuuming during this time.

Some folks complain that the vacuums don’t stay fixed, and it seems like they’re without it more often than not. Not Enduro. Not only are they more reliable, but all maintenance and repairs are normally handled on the pool deck. The motors and pumps not only last for years and years, but they too are easily replaced on the pool deck, with no tools. 

They are the only robotic vacuums with 7 cleaning modes and distinctly programmed for cleaning up to 4 pools with a single vacuum. The vacuums are equipped with 4 electric eyes, more than double of any other type to help navigate the pool flawlessly and reliably.

What else is unique? The exclusive No Worries Plan has provided many customers with a simple, painless way to keep their pools clean. One affordable monthly payment gives you the robotic vacuum, and all maintenance and repair costs (excluding only non-warranty abuse items). This price includes all wearable parts for belts, brushes and dragging straps, and also covers any long term replacements of motors and pumps. 

The savings are very significant when compared against the cost of manually brushing and vacuuming, and the Enduros will automatically brush every inch of pool surface, proven to help keep bacteria and biofilm at bay. 

For smaller pools, many customers have turned to the Enduro Peps or Spot lines, utilizing the same great technology. The Peps can clean shallow pools and fountains down to starting at 8 inches deep and has the same great navigation and propulsion system as the Enduro M and XL lines. The Spot comes in two flavors, including an exclusive battery powered version that has become popular in both Lazy River pools and smaller public pools. The short 15’ cable, instead of the typical 100’ cable, provides a convenience not found in any other robotic vacuum, while keeping the same award-winning cleaning power as the rest of the Enduro line. 

Please join us in cheering the Olympic athletes as they go for the Gold in a few months. Also, take advantage of the same great pool cleaning technology as its Olympic brother.

Contact your CES / Aquafinity rep for a free, no obligation site review and demo to see if Enduro vacuums are right for your pool.

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