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Popular Energy Saving PFDx Pump Controller Back in Full Stock

By June 18th, 2024No Comments

Before the pandemic, the Department of Energy Code for new pumps, introduced in 2017-18, launched a new emphasis on energy saving pumps. By phasing out single phase pumps from 1-5 horsepower, and virtually requiring that those be operated by a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), it made our PFDx pump controller (a VFD) wildly popular on new construction and retrofit installations alike. This was not a new phenomenon as CES and the entire Aquafinity national network had been installing VFDs on larger pumps for over 20 years. 

The PFDx popularity soared as customers discovered how simple and easy controlling flow and saving money on pumps could really be.

Then came the pandemic. It turned out that VFDs were one of the hardest hit technologies in the pool industry. It seemed that some of the critical components that ALL VFD manufacturers use were made by 2-3 manufacturers located in the epicenter of the pandemic plant closures. As stock went to zero and backlogs ballooned, we feared it would take a long time for the situation to normalize. We were right. 

We are proud to announce that the PFDx is FINALLY back to pre-pandemic stocking levels. 

It is not only back but better than ever… easier to install, to program, and to operate. We also found a way to have it “PAY ITS OWN WAY” out of savings in energy. Here are some PFDx highlights:

  • Weather Rated: The NEMA4x package is perfect for your equipment room or PAK which requires a weather-rated solution as they are considered “wet locations.”
  • Easy to Program: Our exclusive feature, which initially costs a lot to set up, but saves time in programming. It lets us use simple 2-keystroke programming to set speeds, instead of complicated codes (E35-01, B21+11,etc.) used in all other drives whose programming sections can be 50 pages long.
  • Wanna Save More?: Save even more energy by running your pool to precise DOH flow. CES will connect your PFDx to a special flowmeter and join customers saving up to 85% of their pumping costs while maintaining DOH standards.
  • Communicative: Your PFDx talks to your BECS controller, your energy management system, etc. You can also review your energy consumption, alarms, etc. on the screen.
  • Versatile: The PFDx programming also operates pumps by water level, pressure, and more, to provide innovative solutions to common mechanical issues.
  • Simple Installation: Don’t change your complete pump. Just upgrade your motor and add a wall-mounted PFDx to the package. Simple, quick, and affordable.
  • On Site Service: As always, your PFDx is fully serviced ON SITE by your CES tech team, so there is little to no down time, and no finger pointing from builders or service companies. CES and the Aquafinity teams are a nationally Authorized Service Provider (ASP) and we stock parts and accessories to maximize your PFDx performance.

Find out how quick and easy saving money on your small pump system applications can be.

Contact your Aquafinity rep for more information or a free site audit, to see if a PFDx can work for you.