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Monitoring Program Gets New Upgrades for 2024 Learn About The Best Equipment Room Monitoring and Remote Control in the Industry

By June 21st, 2024No Comments

As you probably know, CES has been remotely monitoring pools for over 30 years. The early days utilized phone lines and what now seems to be archaic technology… but the end result was the same – great remote visibility of your equipment room. Back then, most folks looked at pool monitoring as a non-essential luxury.

Fast forward to today…monitoring is considered an essential part of daily pool care. The CES 24/7/365 monitoring program, named GPM (Global Pool Management™), is widely considered the #1 program in the industry – Nationwide. But we’re not done, and we’re proud to announce a new series of changes to the program.

The existing GPM program, launched in 2006, can normally utilize your existing chemistry control system, although some boards may need to be upgraded. It provides 4 great features including: 

  • Remote monitoring and control of all major parameters,
  • Log keeping & data storage for increased liability avoidance,
  • Escalating alert notification of any out-of-range parameters — before they can become an issue, and 
  • Powerful remote diagnostics & CES Cyber Support to instantaneously address any issues without having to drive across town or across the state. 

But now there is more: 

  • 5-years of historical logs are maintained for your safety and liability avoidance,
  • Proactive Scheduled Reports are emailed to you and your team at your convenience,
  • All info on all pools is handy on your phone or tablet without loading any software,
  • We can instantaneously tell when your IT connections drop, helping prevent lapses,
  • We now commonly provide all the remote communications to keep your IT department from worrying about malware or viruses,
  • You even have remote access to all the current manuals & versions, and can even sign up for service calls from your phone or tablet. 

We can also track how much energy is being used, and automatically minimize it. We can monitor and automatically control Total Alkalinity and alert you with any out of range conditions. We can track how much water is being used, and alert you when you might have developed a leak. We can alert you when it’s time to clean the strainer or backwash the filters to keep your water crystal clear and your pumping costs low, and that is just scratching the surface of the great capabilities of the system. 

Learn how GPM can help you fortify your pool operation to meet the incredible demands of today’s world, and how it can pay its own way from savings in labor, chemicals, maintenance, and liability. 

Contact your CES rep for an on-site evaluation on how you can put GPM to work for you.