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Precision AMF strainers offer a custom solution to inoperable rust buckets

By December 6th, 2018No Comments

Precision AMF strainers offer a custom solution to inoperable rust buckets

By definition, a hair and lint strainer catches stuff (including leaves, twigs, bandaids, etc.) before it damages the pump impeller, or filter bed. These should be cleaned out often so as to not affect the pump performance and cost you lots of extra money in electrical pumping costs.
But every once in a while you run into one of these relics in an equipment room and can’t help but wonder: How in the heck are they cleaning that puppy? How long does it take? And how much nerve does it take to open it up, knowing that the pool is down until you make it air-tight again?

But then replacing it isn’t a piece of cake either? All that piping on either side is wildly expensive to move or replace, and there are very few contractors that will work with piping that size anyway. So what do you do?

The solution is to get a custom strainer that matches the precise dimensions and literally drops in place. How? The Precision AMF strainer, which comes in both FRP (fiberglass) and Stainless Steel are available in custom configurations and dimensions to match your existing space. They come with a clear viewing lid so that you can actually tell when your strainer is getting dirty, and with simple swing-down SS T-bar handles to make basket cleaning quick and easy. It also has ready ports to install indicator gauges, so that you can be alerted when your strainer is dirty. At 50 PSI pressure rating, it is the strongest strainer in the industry, and comes in regular and reducing strainer configurations so that you can connect to the pump flanges and simplify your installation.

How do you find out if custom Precision AMF strainer is right for you? Simply contact your CES rep, and we’ll come measure for an exact replacement. We can even arrange installation if you prefer.

Precision AMF Strainers The Precision AMF strainer is made in the US, and backed by CES Tech Services. It makes your life easier and you equipment room operate more efficiently. And… it costs a lot less that a bunch of tetanus shots.

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