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Post Pandemic “Excellence in Water Quality Control” As easy as 1, 2, 3

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Post Pandemic “Excellence in Water Quality Control”
As easy as 1, 2, 3
People are starting to talk about a new normal and the old normal, and many folks are generally getting very confused and disoriented. They wonder what things will look like down the road. Are there going to be magic bullets for pool operation? In the mid-1980s we adopted a philosophy of “Excellence in Water Quality Control” when it became obvious that we were going to laser-focus on providing customers with hardware, software, training, service and support to help keep their pools safe and sanitary with a minimum of time, money, and effort.  With this in mind, customers have asked what we feel will change with the “new normal.” We’ll always constantly monitor new opportunities and technologies and bring the best of the best to our customers…here are several basics that we feel will continue to guide us all…. with a couple of TWISTS due to COVID-19 pandemic. New normal?: We feel the Excellence in Water Quality Control will be as easy as 1.2, 3. 1: Develop and maintain a baseline of safe water: We’ve called it the “Take Control” phase. 

In this phase, customers can:Install and maintain chemistry controls that accurately monitor and control chemistryInstall treatment systems that provide safe appealing water 24/7/365 Provide proper water balance (Calcium, Alk, etc) to protect their pool assetsConform to all state and local codes including log keeping and registering conversionsTrain and certify all operators on how to operate facilities, and how to comply with codesProperly clean and disinfect the entire pool area including chairs, lounges, rails, etc.2: Use proven technologies to enhance operations

Once a baseline is set, successful customers can:Implement communications to monitor and maintain digital logs for liability avoidanceImplement automated alert notification programs for any out of range readingsUse highly accurate digital test kits to monitor actual readings with proof of testing
DSC_4425 Remove all known forms of pollution using chemical and treatment technologiesImplement systems to streamline chemical production, water balancing and testingMaintain all on-site equipment to extend life, assure performance and protect the asset3: Monitor deficiencies and modernize with a purpose:

During this phase, customers can normally:Use their pool metrics to flush out problem areas or inefficiencies.Looking to forward codes & trends, review proven technologies to find the best solutionsEngineer and get code approvals on pertinent items and use proven, licensed contractorsStarting with self funding modernizations, upgrade deficient items with newer versionsTarget needed functionality, but enhance energy savings, disinfection, and making your own chemicalsIntegrate all technologies into one seamless package including support.To the many who have followed this formula with us for decades, adapting to the “New Normal” for this and any future health scares or pandemics can be a quick tweak of procedures and protocol.  To those who have not achieved this yet, it might take a bit more effort up front to get there, but then they’ll be ready in the future. Following this process, modernizations are mostly self funding out of labor, maintenance, chemicals, and liability, and the pools will operate at a FRACTION of the cost of a traditional pool. Please contact us for a review of your current status, and we can work together to provide a basic roadmap for the future. Stay Safe. Clean and DisinfectWysiwash

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