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CES Customers Enjoy 1st Virtual AFO Course

By July 31st, 2020No Comments

The requirement for certification of pool operators in Florida pool facilities is an integral part of the Department of Health 64E-9 Code…. and the requirement remains, with or without a pandemic. 

So what do innovative CES customers do to stay safe while earning their Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO) certification? They take part in an inaugural CES Virtual AFO class, put together by the CES team and held on the 23rd and 24th of July.

How did it go? Great, according to the 23 brave students who helped pave this new road. Led by CES veteran Robbie Hayduk, with course assistance from CES’s Matt Stiles, Adrianna Cooper and Remy Baker, the class covered the full AFO presentation, quizzes, and exam without any major hitches. They took breaks from the program to answer questions and interact with the all students — handling any specific issues found in their respective facilities. 

The class used advanced video technologies including visual participation, typed in questions, virtual raising of hands, etc., but we have identified ways of making the next class even better with break out rooms, and additional CES certified teachers answering questions during the test — something normally handled by walking around the classroom. 

Students seemed to enjoy the class and were creative, even changing backgrounds on their screen to some exotic destinations. One student wrote: “I wanted to say thanks. I Iearned a lot…. my head hurts, but I passed”. This is a rousing endorsement, we guess. 

With this first virtual AFO under our belt, we are working diligently to set up another virtual AFO class, and will keep you in the loop as to our progress.

Thanks again to all the brave students. The CES team sincerely appreciated your hard work and great attitude.

Please let us know if you’re ready for your AFO certification, and wish to be included in future classes.

Stay Safe.