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Six Years and over Millions of Miles later, Enduro Vacuums keep on rolling

By March 3rd, 2019No Comments

Sometimes you just get a good feeling about something. That was the case 6 years ago when we tested our first Enduro-TurboClean robotic vacuum. Sure, it was built mostly out of stainless steel, and was easy to service – why you could completely disassemble the entire cleaner on the pool deck in 5 minutes.

Sure it had been built to the same rugged design for over 3 decades, and had a great track record. And yes, we had seen cleaners that were 10-15 years old and still working perfectly, while normal plastic cleaners were self destructing after a few years.

Sure, we had a good feeling, but, HOW were they going to hold up over time in the demanding USA pools. 

Well, we just celebrated our 6th year of Enduro robotic vacuuming, and also passed an estimated 1,000,000 miles travelled by the cleaners… and voila. They are working great.

The site support programs are working great as well, as the Enduro’s are being serviced ON your pool deck, by Enduro Technicians all across the US. Pumps and motors are lasting thousands of hours with very few hiccups, and are easily replaced in as little as 5 minutes on YOUR pool deck if the need ever arises. All in all, the cost of ownership is well below that of cheaper plastic vacuums that we represented for 20+ years prior.

Finally the Enduro No Worries Plan is working great as well. What is it? You simply pay a small monthly cost, starting as low as $199 per month, and you get a clean pool -guaranteed for the next 4  years. That includes the cleaner, all the replacement parts, two proactive visits per year, and all on-site service. 

The cleaner NEVER leaves your pool deck.

Is it time to take another look? 

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