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New Upgrade brings SpinTouch Test Kit Readings into BECS Controller Logs, Alerts, and Calibrations

By October 21st, 2020No Comments
Interfacing Technology

It has been in the works for a while, but we are proud to announce that effective immediately all new BECSys5 and BECSys7 controllers will include a very special feature. That is, a complete integration of your SpinTouch readings directly into your BECSys5 or BECSys7 control system. The new LUI board upgrade, which provides other features highlighted below, includes this industry-leading feature. We are also introducing LUI upgrades for all existing BECSys5 controllers dating back to 2006 – virtually giving them the features of 2020 BECSys5 controls.

How does the LUI test kit interface work? Simple, you plug your SpinTouch tester into the USB port in the bottom of your BECS controller. Once plugged in, the SpinTouch screen instructions show up on the controller screen instead. You merely take the test, and the test kit readings are automatically entered into the controller, and pushed up into the cloud for storage, evaluation, etc. If the calibration is off a bit, the unit asks if you want to recalibrate the controller to the test kit, and you press “yes”, and away you go.

Why is this interface awesome?

First, many industry leaders have been looking for bulletproof “proof of testing” for operational peace of mind and liability avoidance. What better way to provide that than knowing that the test was taken at a specific time, and while connected to the controller. Lawyers beware, you’ve been foiled. Next, there are many multiple pool owners-operators (cities, hotels, apartments, swim schools, etc.) who would love to keep track of how well each of their facilities are being operated. Using the highly accurate 11-parameter SpinTouch test (which only takes 60 seconds with the press of a button), you will get a COMPLETE picture of any issue that needs to be addressed right away, including potential pool budget killing items like low stabilizer, poor water balance, high phosphates, potential heater destruction, and potential iron and copper staining. Finally, the calibration feature is really nice, and resolves some issues with potential mis-calibration of controllers.

The LUI board upgrade also brings faster processing, much faster data connections, more space on the control board, one year of data storage, remote upgrades, and the latest more powerful features in chemistry control, pump controls, water management, and energy savings.

The SpinTouch has also become widely popular among CES customers. Since our technicians started using these test kits nearly 4 years ago, techs and customers have become big fans of the value of having quick and accurate readings, for even difficult to test items like phosphates, copper, and Iron.

The BECS package is leading the way in adding functionality to all their control systems and always making them “Backward Compatible” to earlier systems…. a real rarity in today’s world of planned obsolescence.

Contact us for a special introduction LUI upgrade, or special SpinTouch promotion and update your BECS controller to 2020 standards.