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Looking Forward to the Can’t Miss Trends for 2021

By January 7th, 2021No Comments

From our seat, we’re fortunate to see and experience trends as they are born, gain momentum, and reach maximum potential. We get to see, first hand, what works and what doesn’t work, what is full of promise or full of fluff. It helps us separate fact from fiction, and helps us guide customers to the best problem solving solutions possible.

Looking ahead to 2021, here are a few of the can’t-miss trends that we feel will continue to gain momentum, and/or make their way into customers’ equipment rooms and pool decks.

Activated Glass Media Filtration:

AFM® ACTIVATED glass media installations for new facilities and retrofit media changes have been a huge hit with customers. Every single installation has received rave reviews from operators, managers, and CES field staff. Why? What’s not to love. The simplicity is unparalleled, as you have no media to replace, no filters to scrub, no bumping, pre-coating, and disposal issues, and more. The filters have proven to move more water with less pumping effort, saving lots of electricity.

The backwash cycles have only averaged 1.5 minutes per filter, and have been less frequent, saving over 50% of water. The water quality, approaching drinking water-grade pool water, has exceeded all expectations, drawing comments from homeowners, managers, Health Department officials and others. The conversions are half the price of the previous Garnet Drinking Water upgrades, and there is a lot more current research that supports what we’re seeing and experiencing. All in all, this can’t-miss solution to filtration is gaining momentum at an unparalleled rate, and outperforms sand, cartridge, DE, Defenders, etc.

Sub-Micron Filtration:

To add to the excitement of the AFM® upgrades, we are proud to announce that these systems will achieve “sub-micron” filtration in 2021. What is that? Typically filters can filter down to certain levels, many only capturing between 5 and 20 micron-sized particles in a single pass. The new AFM™ Daisy package has current research that shows that it will filter down to 0.1 micron at reduced flow rates, and still under 1 micron at more normal flow rates. This provided even better drinking water quality than the terrific results reported above, with the same simplicity of a single lever 1.5-minute backwash. As you can tell, we’re really excited about this 2021 upgrade.


More and more customers are connecting their equipment room to CES’s remote monitoring programs. Systems are easier to

connect to existing wifi and local networks, and CES can bring an affordable complete connectivity solution if on-site options aren’t panning out. New for 2021, you can receive proactive reports from your pools on a daily weekly, or monthly basis, and they’ll detail all readings, adjustments, alarms, etc. in a simple-to-read report. No need to log in or download, etc., as it’s delivered to you proactively.

Virtual Training:

The Pandemic helped popularize online training as we held several virtual AFO classes and other training seminars with great reviews. With travel budget in question for 2021 and maybe beyond, look for virtual training to continue to gain popularity as we now have TWO full 18-hour online operator certification options (AFO and AQUATECH). Also CES U has a 5-Start rated 2-hour ORP training course on tap, with the Guerrilla Course to be released later this month, and several others to follow. 

Updated Pool Testing:

As DOH code enforces the 7-day testing requirement, several new testing solutions have evolved. CES’s exclusive MCR® option has a full DOH variance, so you only need to test 3 days a week when you are enrolled. Also digital testing continues to gain popularity as many customers are using our affordable SpinTouch digital test kit to get a full daily test in 30-seconds, or an 11-parameter problem solving test in 60-seconds. Also these readings will now communicate with your CES BECSys5 or 7 controllers, or you can join the many customers who receive real-time testing updates with proactive dosing instructions using our TRC™ program.

Contact us to see if any of these technologies will help you provide better results with lower costs and less effort.

2021, here we come.