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Impeccably Maintained Equipment Ready for 2nd Home As Leading CES Customer Builds New State-of-the-Art Facility

By February 24th, 2022No Comments

Some customers take impeccable care of their equipment and keep it in like new condition for years. They meticulously complete all scheduled maintenance, while proactively resolving any unforeseen issues along the way. It’s like buying a car from your Uncle Ernie – who’s part mechanic and 100% neatnik.  

Starting soon, a leading CES customer’s pristine facility is going to be shut down and leveled to make way for a massive, brand new, state of the art, multi-pool facility that will keep them as one of the USA’s leading facilities of its kind for many years to come. The facility will be equipped with all the latest technologies including automated controls, drinking water-grade filtration, energy-saving pumping systems, saline chlorination, all-in-one chemistry, high efficiency heaters, and much more.  

But then, the existing facility was no slouch either, and had implemented many of these technologies along the way, since its opening in the early 1990s.  

We all thought it would be a real shame if some terrific equipment, in great condition, were to get bulldozed… so we offered to get the word out to our customers to see who might want to take advantage of this great equipment at a bargain price.

Please check out the partial equipment list here… complete with drinking water filtration, automatic filter backwash controls, high efficiency natural gas heaters, updated chemistry controllers, chemical feeders, and more.  

Please let us know if you’re interested in more information of any or all of the equipment and we’ll help you figure out how we can put it to work in your facility. We can help coordinate removal and reinstallation, and want to help any way we can. We also are keen on helping any non-profit corporations and helping ends meet by shaving some costs, while upgrading equipment.  

Think of this as customers helping customers, while helping themselves.