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A Breath of Fresh Air?

By July 16th, 2020No Comments

CES installs AirWaves UV Units to Clean/Disinfect Office Air.

AirWave Uv/Ozone

CES is not in the air conditioning business, although our 30+year ozone equipment supplier is certainly is in it in a big way. 
By association, we learn about new technologies as they emerge. Nearly 20 years ago, several CES employees installed Whole-Home Air Purification Systems, call AirWaves on their personal A/C systems. They’re still running.
The AirWaves contained some new technologies (at that time) that removed all odors and airborne microbes using two of nature’s strongest purifiers, Ozone and UV (ultraviolet light). They were really well made – just like the rest of our supplier’s equipment, and some of the original units are still in operation. They appear to be superior to the units from other manufacturers that many folks are installing in AC systems these days, as they have an air sensor that only turns the unit on when the air flows, extending the life of the unit. They also have replaceable lamps, a real plus in keeping the same unit in operation for years.
It also appears to cost a lot less than some of the other units on the market…. is easy enough to install, and uses less power than a 50-watt light bulb (only when it’s running). 
We installed units in all CES AC systems, and figured…maybe some of our customers might be interested too.
So… we’re offering a terrific price to any interested DIY customers who want to be assured that their whole house will smell fresh and is disinfected every minute of every day.

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  • Freshens air and eliminates odors
  • Inactivates airborne microbes
  • Whole-House coverage
  • Adjustable output to fine tune for your home
  • 20,000-hour life – replaceable lamps
  • Simple DIY installation
  • Safe 24-volt power, 47 watt consumption
  • Out of site installation – easy to maintain
  • No moving parts, 3 year warranty

The COVID pandemic has surely increased our awareness of indoor air quality, and while this doesn’t have anything to do with water quality… it is a great product that performs well for a long time…. now at a great price. 
Please let us know if you need any additional information or if we can assist you in any way.
Stay Safe.