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CESDigiSign Helps Streamline the Approval Process

By March 23rd, 2022No Comments

We’re all so darn busy these days, that there isn’t a lot of extra time to waste.  Anything we can do to save time or to simplify a process is typically a great thing to pursue.

So, when customers have traditionally looked for supplies or accessories for their CES mechanical packages, they would normally contact their CES rep, and ask for a written estimate that they could take to their team for approval. Then, needing to authorize, they would normally sign, scan, and return, or email back an approval of some sort. 

We learned a new trick from our Duffield Aquatics office in SC, where they were using a digital signature, and we thought it was pretty slick. The customers loved it too… so we “borrowed” it. 

We are proud to announce CESDigiSign. It’s simple. When we email you an estimate, you will have an option to approve digitally. You simply click the CESDigiSign link and it takes you to a page that reviews the estimate part numbers, descriptions, quantities and pricing. If all is OK, you simply sign your name digitally, date and click submit. We instantaneously receive your approval, and a copy gets attached to the file for reference. Then, most stock parts ordered before 2:00 PM commonly ship the same day. There’s no more printing, signing, scanning, and emailing… so it saves customers time and effort. 
CESDigiSign joins our MyCES™ Online Ordering as two great ways to save time and effort. But they’re different. When using the MyCES™ page on the CES Website, your CES rep will pre-load all the pertinent wearable parts needed for your equipment room right into this “personal page”.  Then you simply log in (to see your discounted pricing) click on a part, like a Stenner feeder, and all the wearable parts associated with that model show up…with photos, part numbers, description, and pricing. You merely add desired parts to your cart and submit, and you can either bill to your CES account or to any credit card. The MyCES™ normally works great for specialty chemicals, feeders, test kits, chemicals, controller parts, and many accessories.
Please enjoy the simpler processing with CESDigiSign, or let us know if you would like our team to help set up your MyCES™ page. It only takes a few minutes, and is simple to use and secure.
Thanks again for your long term support, and let us know if there is anything that we can do for you.