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CES Avoids Massive Supply Chain Issues on Enduro Robotic Vacuums…Cleans Your Entire Pool for Less-Automatically

By May 20th, 2022No Comments

The bad news first… the supply chain issues appear to be worsening with no end in sight. There are 100-year-old manufacturers that haven’t shipped any new product in 2022 due to a computer chip shortage. There are some that are 200+ units behind schedule, and others that are reporting 26-week lead times for simple off the shelf components. There are others that have their act together better including Stenner Pumps that hasn’t missed a beat, and our BECS controls that have a higher than normal delay, but a bright future for recovery. 

One of the overlooked shining stars of the supply chain includes our Enduro Robotic Vacuum line. It’s been 9 years since we introduced these revolutionary site-maintained robotic vacuums to the US market, and we’re proud to report that we now have a full nationwide service network of trained companies that is making the Enduro the #1 commercial Robotic Vacuum in the US… and the only site-maintained one. 

Now for the good news. Thanks to a terrific manufacturer, an organized CES stocking and ordering program, and a large investment in cleaner and repair stock, we’re proud to report that we have a huge stock, and NO supply chain issues with our Enduro line. 

The original Enduro M and XL lines, introduced in 2013, set a new high bar for versatility and reliability. They have been proven to be fully site maintained – including the original units that are 9 years old… this is unheard of for a robotic vacuum. Then in 2016 we added the PEPS 200 line that works in as little as 8” of pool water, and is also fully site-maintained. Now, in 2022 we added the new SPOT 100 and SPOT 150 vacuums to the line up. These new models are not fully serviced on site, as our other models are, but the reliability of these has made it a moot point. Also, the SPOT 150 is the first true commercial battery powered robotic cleaner in the industry, and has become an instant success on Lazy River pools and many other pools that are less than 30’ x 60’. 

At the same time, fewer operators are brushing and vacuuming their pools as required by health codes and best practices. Also, there is a worldwide spotlight on the dangers of surface bio-film and bacteria that can provide some pretty serious health and safety issues, if left unbrushed.   

With a full supply of all three lines and more always on the way, we want to invite you to see if robotic cleaning is right for your pool. Our monthly 4-Year No Worries Plan provides a quality cleaner, sized and programmed to clean your pool efficiently, and covered by our on-site warranty and service program… all for one low monthly cost.

The best way to tell if you’ll like it, is to try it. Simply sign up for a free on-site demo, and get a first hand look at what the future of a clean pool looks like.