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Testing pool water is like asking people to brush, but it’s Law. Here are your options and how to make it easy.

By June 27th, 2022No Comments

Why test?

  • It’s the DOH law
  • You have to test and log EVERY day per DOH 
  • It helps prevent unsafe conditions before they happen
  • It’s the only way to protect yourself from liability claims

Here are the major types with some quick notes:

Test Strips: While these are OK for residential, but really have no place in the commercial world, especially given the complexity and potential liability these days. New technologies include a supposedly highly accurate strip reader. Stand by while these technologies emerge. Right now, it’s a no go.

Color Match Liquid Test Kits: DOH code requires DPD (red result, not yellow) for Chlorine readings. We recommend the Taylor 2005 kit. But matching the color has a lot of interpretation and can be highly subjective. For best results, we recommend the Taylor K2006 test kit that uses a very accurate “drop count” reading for Chlorine.

Digital KitsWe found the Palintest 36925models were best and have become very popular with customers and DOH. People thought they were slower than the Liquid tests, but they’re not. Fill a vial, press a pill, press a button, and you get an accurate result.

Take a Spin: The newest Digital Spin Test Kit, marketed by Pulsar, includes a spin disk that takes 11 tests all at once. This includes the 5 basics (Cl, pH, Cal, Alk, Stab), plus phosphates, copper, iron, and more. There is also a multiple disk (3 CL & pH tests to a disk). So far the feedback has been great.

Testing is a necessary part of your pool operation.  Let us know how we can help make it easier and better. Look for a full workup in future blogs.