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Four Leading US Water Quality Companies Join Forces into One National Family

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Do you remember what you were doing in 1972? How about 1977, or 1983? Well back then 4 groups of Water Quality Pioneers embarked on a lifelong mission… to provide Water Quality Solutions that were affordable and permanent, and to take great care of customers… one pool at a time.

Dick Duffield and Steve Gibson of Duffield Aquatics in SC, Larry Knorr and Rich Robert of Knorr Systems in CA, Ralph Vatalero and Tony Pittsenbarger of AES in AZ, and Alvaro and Frank Mendoza of CES in FL led the charge. For years they worked on developing and refining the treatment technologies and service teams to first take reliable direct control of water chemistry for a few customers. They have grown it into many thousands of customers. Over the years, as requested, they found themselves expanding their expertise to pumps, filters, UV, Ozone, deck equipment, ADA, and more. They became an A-to-Z resource to many. 

Literally in all corners of the country, they arrived at this formula separately and found themselves years later providing the same basic solutions in the same basic manner to a wide variety of customers. 

The core values were simple: You provide an honest assessment of what is needed to “Take Control” of the pool, you provide and install affordable and reliable systems, and you provide on-going, on-site service and technical support to keep the systems in peak operating performance for years, and in many cases decades. Equipment was deemed acceptable only if it was capable of lasting for 20+ years, if it was capable of being easily upgraded to the latest versions, and if it was easily serviced and maintained. 

Over the years, the four companies shared technologies and tips, collaborated on products and projects alike, and became great friends. 

Fast forward to today, and AESCESDuffield Aquatics, and Knorr Systems have joined forces to formally consolidate technologies & products, resources, and experience to bring even MORE expertise to our long-time customers, with one common goal and thousands of years of valuable in-field experience. 

To maintain our own identities, while properly explaining our singular purpose, we have branded the family as Aquafinity. Therefore all individual company documentation proudly displays the Aquafinity Company brand. The company leaders are still at the helm, the technicians and support staff are at your service, and the goal is still to provide better products and even more responsive service at an affordable price. 

What it means to our customers:

  • More Resources: We have additional resources at our disposal, and have added a considerable number of technicians and territory managers, and will continue to strategically fill in areas of need. 
  • More Local Service: Sometimes growing companies lose their focus with personal local service, Not Aquafinity. We’re laser-focused on improving our local service every day.
  • More Treatment Options: We’ve shared our leading products and made them available nationally. All systems we provide share support by local service.
  • Better Buying Power: Together we’ve “pooled” our buying power to bring better discounts and more programs to more places. 
  • Expanded The On-Line Store: The web store has been re-designed and upgraded, and we’re continually improving with new features. Stand by for more.
  • National Service, Locally: Service technicians are equipped with the latest GPS and tablet-based technology to provide better and more responsive service. 
  • Better Communication: We’ve taken great steps to improve communication and tech tips in the field and across the country.

We know that you’re busy, and deserve the best, and we’re busy as well. Please know that our entire team is giving 110% every day to be the best water quality partner that we can be, and provide better service at great pricing. 

Welcome to the combined world of AES, CES, Duffield, and KSI. 

Aquafinity… Complete Water Control.

At your service. 


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