Water Control

Together, We Dive Deeper

To offer the most comprehensive products and services, CES, KSI, and Duffield have joined forces as Aquafinity. With over 130 years of combined experience in design, installation, integration, and technical support, Aquafinity takes complete water control to the next level.

Up to…


Electrical Savings


Natural Gas Savings


Chemical Cost Savings


Water Usage Savings

Here at Aquafinity, we’ve mastered the craft of facility water control, from product installation and management to training and 24/7 monitoring. We work in the splash zone so that you can relax in the shade.

Fully Integrated Aquatic Facility Operations

Aquafinity is a master distributor and service center that offers complete aquatic products and services for customers in North America, Pacific Rim and the Caribbean. But we’re not just an app, products, or your average pool guy.

Where Quality Products and Services Meet

From municipal to institutional and commercial facilities, we’re experts in managing water operations with:

– 24/7 pool monitoring
– Q5® Water Quality Standard
– Water treatment equipment
– Automated chemistry controls
– Ozone and UV treatments
– Chlorination, heating, and filtration systems
– Deck and competitive equipment

“[The CES Q5 standard,] helps us attain an uncommonly high level of pool-operating quality. We highly recommend CES and the Q5 Water Quality Standard. Together we have achieved great results.”

Al Rose, Assistant Director of Facilities, University of Miami

“Comprehensive water quality monitoring and documentation give a hotel the proof it needs to defuse guest accusations in a climate where even a negative review can go viral online and damage a business’s reputation.”

Phillip J. Harvey, President, Venture Insurance Programs, Hotel Business Review

“We recommend CES and the Q5 Standard to any pool owner that is trying to provide consistent and repeatable high-quality aquatic programs across the entire property.”

Kenneth Wise, Director of Facilities Management, The Breakers Palm Beach

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